How the Photo booth has evolved.

Technology has developed at warped speed in the 21st century, taking what started out as a long winded process of around ten minutes to get 8 black and white photos from a photo booth at 25 cents, to an app like Snappic which allows for photos to be uploaded to social media sites instantaneously.
It took a Russian immigrant born in the wilds of Siberia who dreamt of traveling the world to build the first curtain-enclosed photo booth in New York City in 1925, which was just the beginning for this boy who fell in love with the old Box Brownie cameras at around nine years old. He went on to sign a deal worth $12 million today, all from the 25 cents people would pay to get a strip of eight photos in about eight minutes. It caught like wild fire, spreading from America to Canada and Europe.
Technology has taken giant leaps since then, and as the final frontier available for man to discover on this planet, the door was opened to digital photo booths and what was to come. From 1925 and Anatol Josepho to the police using a photo booth for prison mug shots, minus the curtain of course, and Andy Warhol in the 1960’s and his love of manipulating photo booth portraits in his work, we speeded up too late 1960’s when finally no booth operator was required, but we were still stuck in black and white!

By the 1970’s we had colour photo strips and by the 1990’s digital colour photo booths that used a computer to print strips faster opened a new frontier in photo booth evolution. 85 years after its birth, the photo booth made its appearance at parties, weddings and other functions, bringing extra fun to the festivities, but there was more to come!
It was not long before SNAPPIC took technology to the next level, leaping across the technological evolutionary scale to bring an app to life, that took all the hassle out of running a photo booth business The SNAPPIC Photo Booth App has added a whole new dimension to what can be achieved with digital technology and photography, perfectly timed for a social media world.
Photos no longer need to be printed on the spot, although the option remains, they can be shared instantly to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram along with email, and with every imaginable photo effect, the photos you can create with SNAPPIC are only limited by your own imagination.

Technology has made freedom accessible for all on multiple platforms, which is why the guys at SNAPPIC looked at photo booths from a completely different perspective to make photo booths easily accessible, taking the big, sweaty box everyone squeezed into right out of the picture! No more jostling around in a confined box, with each of your mates vying for the best shot, SNAPPIC literally broke the walls down and developed a photo booth App that gives everyone space to breath, jump up, dance around and generally act like loons!

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